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April Haus, Inc. was founded by Lauren Lubin April, a Diversity, Equity, and Belonging advisor with 10+ years of expertise in nonbinary and transgender advancement in sports and health, academia, film and media, public policy and more. 

Lauren is pioneering a new frontier of gender awareness and equality. As the Executive Producer of We Exist: Beyond the Binary, an award-winning documentary that has been part of the curriculum of over 50,000 students in more than 70 countries, the documentary is the first full-length feature to explore the life of individuals who exist outside the gender binary. Lauren’s work shatters traditional, antiquated constructs that defines gender as either woman or man. The conversation around this project has started an international “We Exist” movement, allowing those who exist outside the gender binary to also stand-up for their recognition.


Lauren’s passion centers in to the athletic arena. Lauren is a former division 1 basketball player who spent many years as a player and a coach. Both an avid runner and activist, Lauren made headlines in 2015 with their “WE RUN” campaign—which advocated for equal space and recognition for nonbinary athletes in sports—and founded New York City’s first nonbinary-specific running group. On November 5, 2016, Lauren became the first-ever openly nonbinary runner to compete in the New York City Marathon. In April 2019, Lauren repeated history by competing in the Boston Marathon. In 2021, Lauren teamed up with New York Road Runners (NYRR) to implement a nonbinary gender identification division for all NYRR races, including the New York City Marathon—making it the first major marathon to enact a Nonbinary division.


A public speaker and author, Lauren's work has been featured in ABC Good Morning, TIME, Runner's World, BBC World Sports, Global Sports Institute, Vice Magazine, NYLON, COSMO, Mashable, The Huffington Post, Out Magazine, Chicago Ideas and countless others.


Lauren has previously worked with organizations and companies, such as The Women’s Sports Foundation, PFLAG, WNBA, WNBPA, NBPA, Jr. NBA, NWSL, ESPN, NBC Sports, Athleta, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Gatorade, Morgan Stanley, Yahoo Sports, AT&T, Hulu, Disney, Bain & Company and more.



“I cannot recommend working with Lauren Lubin enough. They were helpful at every step of our journey—helping to provide ideas for what kind of training and event we might want to host and thoughts on how we might best tailor to our company’s specific audience." 

Riley W. / Bain & Company / Associate Partner

"After screening with our staff the documentary, We Exist: Beyond the Binary by Executive Producer Lauren Lubin April, we connected with Lauren and partnered with them to advance our commitment to gender equity, integrated into our overall DEIS mission. Lauren was hired as our gender equity consultant at New York Road Runners focused on our non-binary equity and inclusion strategies and plans, for our staff, runners, volunteers, and community. Lauren has always been an incredible thought leader and strategic advisor as we mapped out our incremental phases forward toward progress. Lauren has always been very thorough in the execution of all our projects, even with all the complexities of our operations and platforms, internally and externally. They are very open, understanding, and patient, and always say, “Let’s get ugly together!” They created brave spaces for conversations and questions and fostered a learning environment for our leadership team and staff. It has been a pleasure working with Lauren and it has been awesome to see the fruits of our labor as non-binary folks have safety, equity, and a sense of belonging to show up unapologetically at our races and events because of our work together."

Jenna P. / New York Road Runners / Head of DEIS



Road tested. Industry proven.

Let's go beyond. 

April Haus offers a variety of services, packages, and customized plans to get you to your finish line. We take an education-based approach to what we do to inform and empower our clients each step of the way. Please contact us for details. 




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