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August 2023


School is back in session, and for LGBTQIA+ students and faculty, this year may be one of the most hostile starts to a school year in recent history. In the past few years, over 20 US states have passed regressive anti-LGBTQIA+ laws that disproportionately affect transgender and nonbinary youth. These laws restrict access to lifesaving gender-affirming care, extend into the classroom, and create a climate of fear and discrimination for LGBTQIA+ students. Here is a snapshot of the top issues that LGBTQIA+ students, teachers, parents, coaches, administrators, and allies are facing heading into the 2023-2024 school year:

  • 23 states have laws banning transgender students from participating in sports consistent with their gender identity

  • 7 states have prohibited transgender people from using bathrooms and facilities consistent with their gender identity in K-12 schools. In Florida, this is a criminal offense

  • 5 states have laws forcing the outing of transgender youth in schools

  • 15 states require either parental notification of LGBTQIA-inclusive curricula and allow parents to opt their children out OR censor discussions of LGBTQIA+ people or issues in school (i.e., “Don’t Say LGBTQIA”)

These laws create a hostile and unsafe environment for LGBTQIA+ people in academia, making it difficult for them to learn, teach, and thrive. They also convey that LGBTQIA+ people are not welcome or valued in our schools. Check out the Spotlight section for 6 Tips for Creating an LGBTQIA+ Safe and Welcoming School—the top news, stories, and resources from August 2023 edition of Beyond The Binary™.


Lauren Lubin April

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