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August 2023

6 Tips for Creating an LGBTQIA+ Safe and Welcoming School

Keeping in mind geopolitics, there are several things that faculty, parents, and allies can do to create a more inclusive and welcoming school and counteract anti-LGBTQIA+ efforts. Here are six quick tips:

  1. Adopt a basic policy prohibiting discrimination based on sexual and gender identity. This policy should be communicated to all students, staff, and parents.

  2. Train faculty on LGBTQIA+ issues. This training should cover terminology, best practices for supporting LGBTQIA+ students and staff, and how to respond to anti-LGBTQIA+ harassment and discrimination.

  3. Create gender-neutral bathrooms and locker room spaces. This will make all students and staff feel more comfortable and safe.

  4. Include LGBTQIA+ history and experiences in the curriculum. This will help to educate all students about the diversity of our community.

  5. Provide support groups and counseling services for LGBTQIA+ students. This can help support coping with challenges and develop a positive sense of self.

  6. Hire LGBTQIA+ teachers and staff. In other words, lead by example by showing students they are valued and respected school community members.

By being proactive and taking action, we can make a difference in the lives of LGBTQIA+ students and faculty and help everyone thrive in school.

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