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August 2023

Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolfe?"Before the UCI’s July 14 announcement that effectively banned trans women from competition starting July 17, Wolfe had been on top of the world. Not only was she part of Team USA, everything else was finally going her way. 'I don’t know how to stress enough: My life was perfect. I am chasing my dreams. I am competing at the highest level possible. I’m riding the best I ever have. I’m feeling great. I’ve got a wonderful girlfriend. I get to ride bikes with friends. I live in paradise. Then, this shit dropped.'" Read more.

All Your Questions About Trans Kids in Sports, Asked and Answered - Chris Mosier"Sifting through all of the information presented as a 'debate' on social media can be overwhelming, and every day I speak with parents, coaches, and sports fans who have questions about transgender athletes and specifically trans kids in sports. That’s why I’m here to answer your questions in a judgment-free zone." Read more.

Emily Bridges quits cycling, a sad repercussion of trans-athlete bans in sports"Bridges had hoped to aim for a spot in the Paris Olympics. Now she’ll spend her time advocating for trans rights." Read more.

Future of Football: What will football look like for trans and non-binary players? "Quinn became the first trans and non-binary player to take part in the Women's World Cup; but the future for trans and non-binary players is still unclear; as part of our Future of Football series we talk to those trying to make the game more inclusive." Read more.

How Transgender Runner Nikki Hiltz Rose to the Top of Track“The American middle distance runner who identifies as transgender and nonbinary gladly carries the weight of a country and a community into the world championships in Budapest.” Read more.

International chess official suggests women can’t compete with men due to “hormones” & “endurance”"An official from the International Chess Federation (FIDE) has explained the federation’s decision to ban trans competitors by citing differences between men’s and women’s 'physical endurance' and 'hormone levels.' Critics of the policy say that trans players have been competing for years without any issues and that physical differences between the sexes don’t affect men’s and women’s competitiveness or intellectual abilities overall." Read more.

In an NC first, this Charlotte 10K will offer a nonbinary division with prize money "The move to add nonbinary divisions has taken root in the running world in the past two years, with the Philadelphia Distance Run becoming the first major road race in the United States to offer the option in 2021. More races — including both the Chicago and New York marathons — followed suit the next year. The prestigious Boston Marathon added the division in 2023, and 27 runners participated in the category." Read more.

Dublin Marathon’s decision to introduce a non-binary category this year is “hugely important” to members of the community "Until now, if they wanted to compete in the marathon, non-binary people have been forced to choose to run in either the male or female category - something that makes many of them feel uncomfortable. '[Today’s news is] hugely important to some of our members,” Mr Armstron said. 'They see it that they can participate in the Dublin City Marathon quite freely and in the gender that they wish to be known as.'” Read more.

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