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August 2023

A dancer's killing — over voguing — highlights the dangers Black LGBTQ Americans face"Sibley's killing has further rattled the LGTBQ community at a time when homophobic rhetoric and violence is surging across the country. Especially jarring to many is the fact that he was killed for voguing, an important form of self-expression and identity for queer people of color." Read more.

A Nonbinary Broadway Voice “'Musical theater fans oughta know about Jade McLeod, who is bringing their show-stopping voice and artistry to the Theatre Under the Stars stage in Jagged Little Pill from August 29 to September 10. As a nonbinary artist, portraying a queer character is a professional and cultural role McLeod doesn’t take lightly. The performer and activist is thrilled to delight Houston audiences, along with the rest of the show’s cast, with this story inspired by the music of rock icon Alanis Morissette.” Read more.

Trans History Initiative: It’s about damn time"There are a great many national and international trans and nonbinary people in world history. Here at the local level, since its founding in 2000, the Rainbow History Project has been documenting them as part of its work to collect, preserve and promote the history and culture of diverse LGBTQ communities. Now, through a grant from the Mayor’s Office of LGBTQ Affairs, RHP created the Trans History Initiative to further highlight local amazing trans and nonbinary community members throughout metropolitan D.C." Read more.

Maxwell Poth’s “Young, Queer America” is Introducing the World to the Next Generation of Queer Teens"Photographer and activist Maxwell Poth’s newest project 'Young Queer America: Real Stories and Faces of LGBTQ+ Youth' is not one you’re going to want to miss. Featuring personal accounts of the lives of 73 queer youth from all over the United States, 'Young Queer America' is connecting young people from all over the country and helping LGBTQ youth realize they are not alone." Read more.

“I Know Who I Am”: G Flip on Ignoring the Tabloids and Embracing the Drums"The nonbinary Australian artist has spent much of their life behind a drum kit, honing their rhythm and coordination. Percussionists like them don’t typically become household names, save for a select few, and even then they’re mostly men, like Ringo Starr or Phil Collins." Read more.

eharmony Releases Major LGBTQ-inclusive Updates to Platform in Collaboration with GLAAD "Beginning today, eharmony members will be able to choose from an expanded list of genders to authentically share who they are on the platform. This update stems from eharmony’s ongoing commitment to providing a platform that is safe, inclusive and welcoming for all of its members, and its mission to help all members find real love." Read more.

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