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August 2023

Almost half of LGBTQ+ youth feel unsafe at school, research finds "A new report from LGBTQ+ civil rights non-profit the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) reveals that 46.1 per cent of young people in the US feel unsafe at school, while trans and gender-expansive youth are even more likely to feel unsafe at school, with the figure rising to 54.9 per cent." Read more.

As Legislation Targeting LGBTQ and BIPOC Youth Increases, We Need to Protect Their Mental Health “Our country's wrought history of racial prejudice and discrimination has paved the way for marginalized young people’s current struggles with mental health. Despite the longstanding impacts of systemic racism and homophobia, the recent wave of anti-Critical Race Theory and “don’t say gay” legislation has impacted what educators can say about racism and homophobia, including allowing students the space to critically debate American history — and it’s already having a detrimental impact on the experience of students of color at school." Read more.

District Failed to Protect Nonbinary Student From Harassment, Federal Investigation Finds"An investigation conducted by the office for civil rights within the U.S. Department of Education into the Rhinelander School District’s treatment of a nonbinary high schooler in the 2021-22 school year found several incidents of sex-based discrimination that the district knew about and failed to take action against. OCR released the results of the investigation on July 6." Read more.

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