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July 2023

A majority of transgender employees say they have a negative work experience—here’s what H.R. can do about it “'The data we see shows that younger professionals are really challenging these outdated gender norms and embracing a much more expansive view of gender and identity . . . With this work, we’re encouraging our partners also to do a bit of work, to get ready [and] look beyond the binary, to prepare for the future of gender in the workplace.” Read more.

Meet Out's 2023 List of Most Eligible Nonbinary Bachelorexes"Here at Out, our crushes aren’t limited by the binary. Yes, we have our Most Eligible Bachelors and Most Eligible Bachelorette lists, but you didn’t think we’d end it there, did you? We’ve been hard at work thinking about all the nonbinary people we have crushes on and getting this list together for your enjoyment." Read more.

“I Don’t Think I’ve Ever Cried That Hard:” The Toll Of Excluding Nonbinary Students From Sororities"Like most in Gen Z, some folks in modern Greek life are more open to the idea of various identities and even include pronouns on their name tags during recruitment (Drake's Panhellenic Council still does this, even with the rule change . . . But even if the ethos on the ground in some sorority houses is becoming more welcoming, like any sorority, they're influenced by national governing bodies (and rich donors with pull)." Read more.

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