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December 2023

Nikki Hiltz is Outsports’ Non-Binary Athlete of the Year — "Nikki Hiltz captured multiple national track and field championships in 2023 while advocating for trans and non-binary communities.” Read more.

Diana Nyad Reverses Her Stance on Trans Sports Participation, Calls For Inclusion

 — "[I have] come to understand that the science is far more complex than I thought, and there are clearly more educated experts than I who are creating policy to ensure that elite sports are both fair and inclusive of all women. I regret weighing in on that conversation and any harm I may have caused." Read more.

Mom of trans athlete at center of Florida sports controversy speaks out —"A transgender athlete's spot on a girls' high school volleyball team that resulted in Florida school employees being reassigned and led to student walkouts is now at the center of an investigation to determine whether the school violated a 2021 state law that governs sports and gender." Read more. 

More than underdog movies? Trans and non-binary athletes on film in 2023 — "Sports films featuring LGBTQ characters are emerging, and we’re here for all of it." Read more. 

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