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January 2024

"The Advocate Educator" Is an Invaluable Guide to Supporting Trans and Nonbinary Students — "Transgender and nonbinary youth are facing increasing social and political attacks—which is why a new, action-oriented guide for educators and others wanting to create supportive school environments for these young people is set to be one of the most important LGBTQ-related books of the year." Read more.

South Carolina taxpayers set to pay for Moms for Liberty-run charter school – "The far-right group is opening a school in the state that will be funded with taxpayer money but won’t have public oversight." Read more. 

A transgender teen wanted to update his school records. Oklahoma created a rule to stop him – "Ryan Walters, the state's top education official, pushed an emergency rule to prevent students from changing the gender listed on their school files. One family is suing." Read more. 

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