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June 2023

Making LGBTQ+ students feel supported, accepted - “'There are approximately 500 middle schools in Massachusetts alone and my school alone has over 1,500 students. With an estimated 3.2 million adolescents identifying as LGBTQ+, this equates to thousands of LGBTQ+ students in our state alone. Given these statistics, there are thousands of students at risk for self-harm. They might not have a teacher in a situation like mine to be with them and help them. So, how do we support them?" Read more.

Steps to promote LGBTQ+ students’ well-being on campus"What can universities do to promote greater LGBTQ+ student well-being and positive academic outcomes?" Read more.

Pronouns for Trans, Nonbinary Students: The States With Laws That Restrict Them in Schools"Teachers, staff, and classmates aren’t required to use students’ pronouns or names if they don’t align with the student’s sex assigned at birth, according to legislation passed in at least 10 states. In at least six of the 10 laws, teachers or administrators are also required to tell parents if their child requests to use a different name or pronouns. These laws are part of larger efforts to restrict transgender, nonbinary, and gender-nonconforming students at school." Read more.

New York State Education Department revamps guidance to offer transgender and gender-expansive students more support"The guidance, issued last week, offers information and tips to help school staff if a student comes out to them – understanding gender identity and normalizing name, pronoun and restroom usage changes – and says schools don’t need professional or parental permission or proof of gender identity. Additionally, if a student doesn’t want to share their gender identity or transition plan with their parents, school staff must maintain that confidentiality – the guidance states, nodding to protections in state and federal anti-discrimination laws." Read more.

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