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June 2023

Transgender and nonbinary people are often sidelined at Pride. This year is different “'Uplifting trans voices and fighting for trans liberation must be at the forefront of our movement' when the rights of transgender and nonbinary people are “under a coordinated attack,” Johnson said." Read more.

Conservatives are making Pride merch 'toxic.' Their real goal is much worse"What's happening at Target goes far beyond just a few people calling for a boycott." Read more.

Who Are Alex Newell and J. Harrison Ghee, the First Tony-Winning Nonbinary Actors?"Newell and Ghee have been breaking down barriers long before they became the first openly nonbinary performers to win coveted Broadway awards." Read more.

Disney movie Elemental features Pixar’s first non-binary character"In the movie, Athie voices the character of Wade - whose younger sibling Lake - played by Ava Hauser - goes by they/them pronouns." Read More.

Nonbinary influencer graces the cover of Vogue Philippines "Social Media Influencer Bretman Rock makes history and breaks beauty barriers as a nonbinary influencer to be featured on the cover Vogue Philippines." Watch GMA feature.

‘Every Body’ Review: Documentary From ‘RBG’ Director Sensitively Chronicles Fight for Intersex Rights "Julie Cohen returns with an intimate film about how the intersex community challenges society's obsession with the gender binary." Read more.

Tre'vell Anderson Refuses To Let The Oppressor Write Their History "In the introduction to Tre’vell Anderson’s debut book, 'We See Each Other: A Black Trans Journey Through TV and Film,' the nonbinary Black writer hits readers in the gut with one sentence: 'I don’t remember exactly when I was taught to hate myself.'” Read More.

Nonbinary fashion for trans people and women aims to promote gender inclusivity"The founders of Kirrin Finch hope to create options for people who want to be able to express themselves authentically." Watch here.

Yellowjackets' Liv Hewson On Being Nonbinary, Top Surgery & The Emmys"The former Santa Clarita Diet star started to feel uncomfortable in their body at a young age, but didn’t understand why at first. 'I came across the term ‘nonbinary’ for the first time, and it was just immediate,' Hewson said in the interview." Read more.

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