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June 2023

There's only one facility in the US that prints gender-neutral passports. A nonbinary person was forced to get a 'male' passport as a result"It's disappointing. If you're completely rolling out a program that's nationwide, and you have hundreds of thousands of US citizens that are nonbinary, it's sending a message that these specific citizens aren't as important to you as other citizens," Devin-Norelle said." Read more.

Kamala Harris, at Stonewall, Seeks to Reassure L.G.B.T.Q. Community"The vice president visited the Stonewall Inn, a landmark for the gay rights movement, a day after New York’s governor signed a bill to protect transgender youth." Read more.

Why trans people need to be included in the abortion fight"Trans, non-binary, and intersex people also need access to abortions, so why are we left out of the online conversation?" Read more.

New Iowa school law bans LGBTQ discussions, forces outing of trans kids, removes HIV/HPV info from curriculum — "Senate File 496 . . . prohibits the 'instruction of any kind relating to gender identity or sexual activity to students in grades K-6,' forces schools to out transgender kids to their families, and bans books with any sexual content from school libraries." Read more.

Texas governor signs ‘Save Women’s Sports’ bill“Critics of such laws call them discriminatory and an attack on the transgender community. 'Spending so much time and money on something that isn’t actually a problem, and having trans teammates is not a problem, is really just mind-boggling to me and devastatingly hurtful,' Ricardo Martinez with Equality Texas said." Read more.

Human Rights Campaign Condemns North Carolina Senate for Passing Anti-Trans Sports Ban"In yet another sign of the historic level of anti-LGBTQ+ attacks sweeping state legislatures this year, this was the first anti-LGBTQ+ legislation to advance through the North Carolina General Assembly since their deeply discriminatory anti-transgender bathroom legislation in 2016 and 2017." Read more.

Judge Strikes Down Arkansas Law Banning Gender Transition Care for Minors"The case had been closely watched as an important test of whether bans on transition care for minors, enacted by more than a dozen states, could withstand challenges." Read more.

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