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June 2023

Being Nikki Hiltz: For the first openly non-binary USATF champion, living as their authentic self has catapulted their running to a whole new level. The sport is still catching up."So much is asked of trailblazers. Hiltz’s very existence requires them to hold many things at once: an athlete and an advocate, existing both within and outside of the gender binary; a self-identified king racing in the women’s division. There is joy in crossing the finish line as the first person doing it in a body like theirs. In that moment, they exist simply as a champion. In that moment, Hiltz was whole." Read more.

Meet the hockey team made up entirely of trans and nonbinary athletes — "Team Trans is a “vital” safe space for hockey players who identify as transgender, it says. The team has hundreds of members and plays in LGBTQ+ hockey tournaments across North America." Watch here.

Grandma's Marathon Announces a Nonbinary Division and Other DEI Efforts"Grandma’s hopes to increase the participation of nonbinary people by allowing non-elite athletes to sign up as nonbinary, gender fluid, gender non-conforming, or genderqueer for any race occurring over the weekend. Race organizers will contact each individual to ask how and if they want their information to be presented in public results. Plus, the top three nonbinary finishers who opt to share their public results will take home prize money." Read more.

Quinn calls on NWSL to revisit ‘problematic’ transgender athlete policy"Quinn, who in 2021 became the first openly trans and nonbinary athlete to win an Olympic medal, said they hope the league 'can find space during their celebrations this month to understand and educate themselves on the limitations of their policy.'” Read more.

Athlete Ally Responds to Discriminatory British Cycling Ban "Creating an ‘open category’ or offering that trans and nonbinary cyclists participate in a non-competitive program creates an illusion of inclusion. The reality is that many trans and nonbinary cyclists will be forced to quit the sport in which they’ve extensively trained and competed,' said Chris Mosier, Founder of, two-time National Champion and Team USA multisport athlete." Read more.

Trevor Project and Puma Team Up to Provide Free LGBTQ+ Inclusivity Training in Sports "Officials with the Trevor Project and Puma point out that the project is more timely than ever, with hundreds of anti-LGBTQ+ bills introduced across the nation this year alone, many of which seek to ban transgender and nonbinary young people from participating in school sports. According to the Trevor Project’s polling, 86 percent of trans and nonbinary youth say recent debates about state laws restricting the rights of trans people have negatively affected their mental health." Read more.

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