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June 2023


As we head into the July 4th weekend and Pride Month comes to a close, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the importance of diversity, safety, and inclusion of LGBTQIA+ people. Pride Month was marked this year by several anti-LGBTQIA+ incidents, including the passage of discriminatory legislation in several states and the alarming rise of discrimination, protest, and violence nationwide. These events sparked the Human Rights Campaign to issue a national state of emergency for LGBTQIA+ Americans for the first time and emphasized the need for vigilance 365 days a year. The inclusion of gender and sexually diverse people helps to create a more enriched, just, and equitable society. Diversity fosters a wide range of unique skillsets, experiences, and perspectives that benefit all. We are all better off when everyone feels safe and respected. Please find the top news, stories, and resources from June in this edition Beyond The Binary™.



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