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May 2023

Beyond The Binary™ is a monthly newsletter brought to you by April Haus, Inc. dedicated to providing readers with the latest news and information about gender and sexual diversity. As Pride Month approaches, I wanted to invite you to join my continued journey to a more inclusive world, and hope that you'll find this content helpful, informative, and inspiring.

Each issue of the newsletter is curated to bring you the month's top news, interviews, research, and resources to help you stay on top of the complexities of gender and sexual diversity. It will also spotlight key facts, stats, and advocacy initiatives in the field. Check out this issue's highlights below.

I hope you'll join me on this journey. Please share this email with friends and colleagues you think will benefit from subscribing to this newsletter. You can also unsubscribe below if you do not wish to receive further updates.

Wishing you a Happy Pride Month!

Lauren Lubin April

Founder, April Haus, Inc.

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