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May 2023

7 Great Non-binary and Trans-Inclusive Fantasy Books Read More.

Best podcasts of the week: Trans moshpits, non-binary emo and the power of music for queer lives. Learn more.

Bella Ramsey Discussed the Difficulties of Gendered Awards for Non-Binary Actors "The Last of Us star Bella Ramsey said the whole idea of having to fit into one category made them 'uncomfortable.' Ramsey explained, 'The categories at the moment feel extremely gendered with the language around them.' They went on to add that the limitations of categories meant that “nonbinary actors like me can’t be celebrated.” Read More.

In middle age, they realized they were trans: ‘A lightbulb went off’"Different exposure to information may help explain why older trans people are also far less likely than younger ones to identify as nonbinary. The term was not in wide use until recently; Merriam-Webster only in 2019 added “they” as a pronoun for a nonbinary person. In the KFF-Post poll, nearly half, or 47 percent, of trans people age 18 to 44 identified as nonbinary, compared with 24 percent of those 45 and older." Read more.

Non-Binary People Existed In Prehistoric Europe, Burial Site Study Suggests"Gender identity isn’t always based on the binary model of biological sex, and new research indicates that this fluidity may have existed since prehistoric times. After analyzing the contents of over 1,200 ancient graves from seven sites in central Europe, the authors of the new study determined that up to 10 percent may have belonged to non-binary individuals." Read more.

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