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May 2023

Trans kids crave acceptance at school in a nation that often resists it - “'I didn’t have the words for ‘transgender’ or ‘nonbinary’ or any of this.' Most trans adults went to school at a time when there was little or no discussion of gender identity. If the subject came up, it was on tabloid television or in schoolyard taunts rather than in conversation with caring adults." Read more.

Scared of School: Even in States With Protective Laws, LGBTQ Students Are Reporting Attacks from Other Kids — and Teachers"Despite the role an affirming school culture plays in protecting LGBTQ students’ mental health, policies prohibiting bullying and discrimination and newer laws requiring positive representations of gender and sexual minorities in classroom materials are poorly implemented. The reasons range from local political pressure to a lack of state and federal oversight." Read more.

Most LGBTQ educators in Colorado don’t feel safe to come out as national debates threaten gay, transgender rights"The onslaught of violence and criticism has empowered Neufeld, who is transgender and nonbinary and uses both she/her and they/them pronouns, more than it has dampened their sense of self." Read more.

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