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November 2023

NY is developing education program on harms of medically unnecessary surgery on intersex children "Advocates for the statewide legislation say the medically unnecessary operations on infants and young children born intersex come with a slew of potential negative impacts that parents and doctors must be aware of. 'This education will be key to helping parents understand that surgery is permanent and can cause irreversible physical and psychological effects,' State Assemblymember Rebecca Seawright said in a statement." Read more.

In Texas, a Fight Over Gender and School Theater Takes an Unexpected Turn "After a high school production of “Oklahoma!” was halted in conservative Sherman, Texas, something unusual happened: The school board sided with transgender students." Read more. 

Nonbinary teacher at Florida school fired for using 'Mx.' as courtesy title "A Florida state law that went into effect in July 2023 prevents public school teachers from using pronouns that do not align with their sex assigned at birth." Read more. 

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