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July 2023

Depression Rates Rise for Minority Youth in States With Anti-LGBT Legislation"'This study provides scientific evidence to what many queer and trans people of color in the U.S. are experiencing day to day,' said study co-author Tyler Harvey, program administrator of the Yale School of Medicine’s SEICHE Center for Health and Justice." Read more.

To Solve the LGBTQ Youth Mental Health Crisis, Our Research Must Be More Nuanced"Young people do not fall into neat categories of race, sexual orientation or gender identity. Research into LGBTQ mental health must take that into account" Read more.

80% of Transgender Americans Have Considered Suicide: Study — “The rates of suicidal ideation and self-injury among transgender people are alarming—particularly for transgender nonbinary adults . . . A lack of societal recognition and acceptance of gender identities outside of the binary of cisgender man or woman and increasing politically motivated attacks on transgender individuals increase stigma and prejudice and related exposure to minority stress, which contributes to the high rates of substance use and suicidality we see among transgender people.Read more.

Resumes with nonbinary pronouns likely overlooked: Report"'Research from a report found nonbinary job seekers face bias in the hiring processes. More than 80% of nonbinary people believed that using “they/them” pronouns in their resume would hurt their job search. Additionally, over half of nonbinary people reported having negative experiences once hired." Read more.

Explainer: What does nonbinary mean?"About 5% of all adults under 30, and about 11% of LGBTQ adults, identify as nonbinary, recent surveys have found." Read more.

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