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September 2023

Biological sex is not a binary: Breaking the myth that affects intersex lives — “Right from childhood, intersex persons, especially those with visible variations, bear the brunt of the lack of awareness surrounding intersex identities.Read more.

Report: How MacKenzie Scott's Billions Have Helped the Fight for LGBTQ+ Rights"Giving to the 28 LGBTQ organizations who participated in the survey totaled $163M, with the majority of organizations receiving gifts under $6M and the largest share of organizations receiving gifts between $1M-2.9M." Read more.

New poll shows massive backlash to anti-LGBTQ school policies"A new Navigator Research Poll shows that book bans, school sports policies, and Don’t Say Gay bills are wildly unpopular." Read more.

Education: A Guide for Advocates "Republican education policies like bans of books like 1984 or To Kill a Mockingbird, inspecting the genitals of kids before they’re allowed to play on sports teams, and defunding public education are deeply unpopular across party lines." Read more.

Yale researchers receive $4 million from National Institute of Mental Health to advance LGBTQ+-affirming mental health care"The five-year grant, which was announced in a press release last week, will support research by John Pachankis, who is a professor of public health, and his team at Yale’s LGBTQ Mental Health Initiative. The team will administer novel LGBTQ+ affirmative cognitive behavioral therapy to over 90 community centers and 540 mental health providers across the United States." Read more.

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