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September 2023

Jonathan Van Ness breaks down in tears discussing trans rights on Dax Shepard’s podcast"'I wish that people were as passionate about little kids being able to be included or grow up as they were about fictitious women’s fairness in sports. I have to tell you I am very tired,' Van Ness said to Shepard, who apologized again." Read more.

Intersex Rights Activist Alicia Weigel on New Her Book "Inverse Cowgirl" “'Activist Alicia Weigel is a member of the intersex community, individuals born with both male and female reproductive organs. Weigel joins "CBS Mornings" to discuss her new book 'Inverse Cowgirl.'” Watch here.

GLAAD 20 Under 20 2023: Meet the LGBTQ Youth Shaping a More Inclusive World"If those on GLAAD’s 4th Annual 20 Under 20 list — an impressive roundup of activists, entertainers, writers, researchers, and beyond — could have it their way, that’s what the world would look like. The good news is, given their tenacity and expertise, we can count on a brighter future ahead." Read more.

‘Paw Patrol’ Welcomes Its First Non-Binary Character"Paw Patrol spin-off quietly introduces a new character that identifies as non-binary, also voiced by a non-binary actor." Read more.

Lyft’s new feature lets women and nonbinary riders request drivers of the same gender"On Sept. 12, the ride-hailing company shared that it will roll out a new feature called Women+ Connect, that gives women and nonbinary riders the ability to request women and nonbinary riders." Read more.

Canada warning over US travel comes at ‘concerning time’, LGBTQ+ groups say "Canadian advocacy groups alarmed by anti-LGBTQ+ laws in America and say legislation is having an impact across the border." Read more.

Beyond two-spirit: Indigenous people look to revive traditional LGBTQ terms "'For me, that's a term that is really important, because I find that it allows that part of me that I value to be understood by other people,' says Michaud, whose family's traditional territory extends from St. Boniface in Winnipeg to the Qu'Appelle Valley in Saskatchewan." Read more.

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