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February 2024

Nikki Hiltz powers to second straight 1500-meter USATF indoor title"A powerful bell lap sends Hiltz to the World Athletic Championships and continues a march toward the Summer Olympics." Read more. 

Transgender Swimmer Lia Thomas’ Body Is Not The Problem — "Right now, the sports world (and a lot of the rest of society) has made Thomas’ body the problem for her to compete in women’s swimming. That prevents us from having to ask the more fundamental question about how we’ve created sports as separate domains for women and men and reinforced that division to the point we assume there’s something inherent and unchangeable about gender-segregated sports.” Read more. 

Utah official faces calls to resign after falsely suggesting teen girl is transgender — "A Utah state school board member is facing widespread condemnation and calls to resign after she shared a post on social media that appeared to suggest a 16-year-old girl on her school’s basketball team is transgender." Read more.

The war on trans girls in sports is going exactly the way we thought it would —"A Utah state school board member's shaming of a cis girl basketball player for 'looking trans' is the latest example of how horrific this has all become." Read more. 

Steube, Tuberville file bill to ban transgender women from US Olympic teams — "House and Senate Republicans this month mounted a third effort to ban transgender women and girls from female sports teams, this time by attempting to bar trans women from competing on U.S. Olympic teams ahead of this year’s Summer Games in Paris." Read more.   

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